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Soda Blast Services

Paint Stripping

● The easiest and safest method for removing paint.
● Cut costs and time to 1/3 from other conventional methods of paint stripping.
Will NOT scratch or etch metal, but will remove ALL the paint.
● Will return the original condition of the factory metal.
Will NOT scratch chrome or warp panels.
● No need to mask glass or rubber.
● Can strip wheels, panels and large machinery easily while enhancing looks and increasing value.
● Faster and cheaper than other methods.

Mold Removal

● The easiest and safest method of removing mold caused by water intrusion.
● No need to pre-wash surfaces.
● Quick and easy (Hours instead of days).

Fire/Smoke Damage Restoration

● Can remove light charring without comprising the structural integrity of structural members.
● Faster than hand sanding or brushing.
● Substantial cost reduction compared to tear-out and reframing.
● Natural deodorizer.

Additional Soda Blast Uses:

● Stain Elimination
● Food Equipment
● Graffiti Removal
● Conveyor Systems
● Chemical Process
● Cleaning Fiberglass
● Clean Masonry
● Marine Cleaning
● Wood Cleaning
● Engine Components
● Rail Car Cleaning
● Clean Aluminum
● Clean Stainless Steel
● Truck Trailers
● Odor Control
● PVC Cleaning
● Farm Equipment
● Mobile Equipment
● Cleans Glass
● Building Restoration
● Plus More!

Dry Ice Services

Dry Ice Service Coming Soon.